Donate to the LDP

Suggested Price: $10.00

Thank you for considering donating to the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership. Your contribution will be used to maintain Downtown Lewisburg as a hub of cultural and economic vitality in the Greater Susquehanna Valley.



 Goals for 2018-2020

Work with existing business owners in expanding their business or starting a new one that fills gaps in the marketplace

Promote the value of buying local

Build Entrepreneurship

Drive promotion of downtown as a destination

Work with partners to increase the number of arts events

Strengthen the spirit of collaboration among downtown business owners

Reinforce downtown’s brand through the use of green space, public art and beautification

Work with partners to improve downtown parking, visibility, bike & pedestrian access

Participate in efforts to envision Soldier’s Park as a waterfront park

Work with partners to hold newcomers events annually

Ongoing LDP Initiatives

  • Maintains
  • Heart of Lewisburg Ice Festival
  • Sales event & promotional planning
  • The Ambassador Program-LDP volunteers visit downtown businesses several times a year to share information and receive input
  • Support for existing and new business prospects
  • Partnerships with community stakeholders that create community and economic opportunity